1.  It’s peaceful and quiet.

2.  The sunrise.  No buildings to hide it’s beauty.

3.  The sunset.  Ditto.

4.  I can see the sky … all of it.

5.  Wide, open spaces.

6.  It’s a stress relief.

7.  Animal sounds.

8.  The storm clouds are fantastic.

9.  My kids can go outside to play with no worries.

10.  It’s just us and God’s beautiful creation.  I can breath Him in and let the whole world out!


During a recent expedition to Southwestern Oklahoma, Nick spent a spell in a pen at a friends house.  Somehow, unbeknownst to us, Nick got a gash on his right shoulder.  Now, horses have a tendency to freak out every now and again.  It’s just what horses do.  You just hope they don’t hurt themselves … or you.  Well, Nick hurt himself.  I’ve posted pictures so you can see what a nasty gash it is, but if you have a weak stomach, I don’t suggest looking at them.  Horses heal from the inside out so the cut will stay open until it heals.  We are washing it out every morning and evening and putting medicine on it.  It’s actually looking a lot better.  I’m sure glad I get scabs!

Ok, I’m showing you the far away picture first.  We’ll work up to the gross stuff.

Closer …

Closer …

Pretty gross, huh?  These pictures were taken before we washed it out.  After the cut was cleaned it looked a lot better.  But if I showed you pictures of a clean cut … where’s the fun in that?  I’m glad God designed bodies of all kinds to heal.  His creations are simply magnificent, even if you have to go through the gross stuff to see it.

Love and Farmgirl Hugs,