*This summer night

*My job at the school so I can have summers off

*Time to trim the dead branches off my rose bushes (this is usually a Fall time activity.  I’m a little late … or a little early – I think I like the latter excuse better)

*The beautiful sunset on our 37 almost-paid-for acres

*The crescent moon hanging in the sky reminding me of God’s awesome Presence and that He loves me more than the moon and stars

*A son who will run around the yard in his bare feet because he can

*A stickerless yard so my son can run around in his bare feet

*My daughter and husband riding their horses in the pasture

*My daughter realizing her horse dreams at such a young age

*My kids throwing water balloons at each other after dark.

*My neighbor’s fireworks display

*A lawn chair to sit and watch my neighbor’s fireworks display

*My husband grabbing an extra chair and coming to enjoy the fireworks with me

*The peace the night sky brings

This was my evening.  I hope you enjoyed yours where ever you may be.

Love and Farmgirl Hugs,


P.S.  This was my blog from a week and a half ago.  I’m a little late getting it posted, but wanted to share our wonderful evening with you.  I guess I should blog about procrastination!