After the longest and coldest winter known to Oklahoma followed by the hottest and driest summer since the dust bowl, we had to sell off some of our cows.  We just didn’t have the hay to feed them through the winter and you know how cows like to eat!  Then we sold all the calves and after that there wasn’t enough left to worry about.  So regretfully, we sold the last bunch.

Now, not to complain, but there are things I’m not going to miss about having cows …  like the bull getting out in the yard and leaving piles everywhere and gigantic hoof imprints in the yard after a rain, or coming home and finding that they’ve broken through fences to get where they aren’t supposed to be (and Lyn being out of town – guess who gets to fix everything – and dinner!).

But there are a lot of things I will miss;  the soft sound of cows munching grass on a quiet summer evening, seeing their silhouette against the sunrise, their quiet contentment (that they sometimes have – see fence comment above) and, of course, these guys …

Alas, someday we will begin another herd, but for now we are moving into the next phase of our lives … building a house!  And that, my friends, will be another story!

Love and Farmgirl Hugs,