I have never in all my three calving seasons (ok, maybe that’s not long … but I’ve really never seen it … maybe Ree has … but I haven’t!) seen what I saw yesterday.  My husband used to work for OSU on the purebred range and he’s never seen anything like it either.  We look across the pasture to see that #14 just had her calf.  Yea … wonderful … life is great … but wait, there’s more.  #6 is trying to steal her calf!  Lyn goes up the hill to see just what in sam hill is going on.  #6 is in labor trying to have her calf at the same time and thinks that #14’s calf is hers.  So #6 is trying to lead #14’s calf off and is actually letting it nurse her … which isn’t good because her colostrum is for HER baby.  Calf confusion … what do you do?  Well, in hind sight … which is usually the best sight … too bad we can’t have it first … we should have just left the situation alone, however, we did not.

Long story short … some fancy truck driving and gate swinging later the two cows are separated and #14 has her own calf which is doing just fine.  #6 is freaking out and going crazy … she lays down and has her calf, which was super cool to watch, but is so riled up that we believe she wouldn’t let the calf nurse … or at least not enough.  So now we have one good calf, one weak calf and one crazy mama.  Maybe we should have left good enough alone, but there’s that hind sight.

Only time will tell about this little bull calf.  If he doesn’t nurse today we’ll have to force feed him to save his life.  In any case, though, the Lord will provide.

See, my life isn’t all sunshine and sunflowers, but it sure is interesting!