I pray everyday that God will keep my children safe for me.  Yes, it is a selfish prayer, but God wants us to make our requests made known to Him (Philippians 4:6).  Of course, His will be done.  I make it known to God that all I need in this world is my family with me.  Everything else can go away, but I need my family.  No fancy house or silk sheets on my bed, no nice car or a garage to put it in … just my family.  A grass hut in the middle of the rain forest would be fine.  Just, please, grant me my family.

My seven year old daughter was bucked off her horse twice yesterday.  The first time she landed almost on her feet.  The second time she landed flat on her back with a saddle horn bruise on her chest.  She got back on both times though and rode him to the house with a story to tell.  I thank God that she’s fine and don’t fear her riding Pete again.

See, that’s part of prayer.  You must have faith that God is going to answer that prayer.  I trust that God is going to return my children to me each day because I ask Him to and because I try to live a faithful life for Him.  Just remember to be thankful to Him in all things.  For all good things are of Him (James 1:17).

Thank you, Lord.