Life on the farm is very quiet today (at least outside it is:-).  The snow is falling in silence with a good couple inches of ice underneath and the kids are gratefully out of school for the second day.  The horses and cows are doing their best to stay warm; the ice is caked on their backs like Magic Shell on ice cream.  It’s one of those days I’m glad I’m not a cow!  Our dog, Sissy, came out long enough to help the horses with their feed and then disappeared again probably to the hay stacked in the barn.  Who knows where the cats are.  We, of course, are spending the day in the house.

We still have electricity so my son is keeping busy with his RC’s (the batteries have to be charged ever so often) and my daughter is watching movies and TV.  We do have a generator standing by, just in case, but I don’t really think it will come to that.

I’m glad my husband was home this morning so he could brave the ice and snow to feed the animals and break ice. Of course, he had hot, whole wheat pancakes waiting for him when he came in!  My son requested them.  They’re his favorite breakfast besides granola cereal.  I topped mine with all natural peanut butter and honey – yum!

It’s a great day for us all to be home on the farm spending our time together as a family.  We are blessed to have a warm home, food on our table and … no reason to go to town.