I went out to feed the cows tonight and almost wore my tennis shoes.  Then I thought better of it and changed into my Muck boots.  See, we had a lot of snow here in Oklahoma (well a lot for around here anyway) and it stayed around for a couple of weeks.  Then, when we thought it couldn’t get much wetter, it came a flood one evening (that means it rained – a lot).  The wind’s been blowing 90 to nothing and it’s been drying out, but I decided not to chance it.  Turned out I was right.  The mud was deep.

The girls were pretty glad I came out though.  About 4:00 every afternoon they walk up to the fence and hang out until they get fed.  I was very glad that I remembered to open a small corner of the bag before I got out there.  Those feed sacks are heavy and sometimes hard to open with one hand while trying to balance it on my shoulder with the other.  And better hurry, Number 13 gets kind of pushy sometimes.  She’s a good one though and let’s me pet her all over before I go.  Just a little added bonus for having to walk through the mud.