January 2010

Life on the farm is very quiet today (at least outside it is:-).  The snow is falling in silence with a good couple inches of ice underneath and the kids are gratefully out of school for the second day.  The horses and cows are doing their best to stay warm; the ice is caked on their backs like Magic Shell on ice cream.  It’s one of those days I’m glad I’m not a cow!  Our dog, Sissy, came out long enough to help the horses with their feed and then disappeared again probably to the hay stacked in the barn.  Who knows where the cats are.  We, of course, are spending the day in the house.

We still have electricity so my son is keeping busy with his RC’s (the batteries have to be charged ever so often) and my daughter is watching movies and TV.  We do have a generator standing by, just in case, but I don’t really think it will come to that.

I’m glad my husband was home this morning so he could brave the ice and snow to feed the animals and break ice. Of course, he had hot, whole wheat pancakes waiting for him when he came in!  My son requested them.  They’re his favorite breakfast besides granola cereal.  I topped mine with all natural peanut butter and honey – yum!

It’s a great day for us all to be home on the farm spending our time together as a family.  We are blessed to have a warm home, food on our table and … no reason to go to town.


No, they’ve never won any contests.  Never been to any fairs, but they all need blue ribbons … for knowing how to stand in the snow and look pretty!  That’s about all our horses ever get to do.  They seem pretty happy with it though.  As long as there’s fresh alfalfa in the evenings and sweet feed in the mornings, they’re good.

You may think that’s a pretty good life to have, however, I’ve seen them with ice caked to their backs.  I prefer the warm interior!  I hope you enjoy these pics.  I sure enjoyed taking them (and then running back in the house where it was warm).


We survived the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009

We survived the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009

My 27th Winter

My 27th Winter

I went out to feed the cows tonight and almost wore my tennis shoes.  Then I thought better of it and changed into my Muck boots.  See, we had a lot of snow here in Oklahoma (well a lot for around here anyway) and it stayed around for a couple of weeks.  Then, when we thought it couldn’t get much wetter, it came a flood one evening (that means it rained – a lot).  The wind’s been blowing 90 to nothing and it’s been drying out, but I decided not to chance it.  Turned out I was right.  The mud was deep.

The girls were pretty glad I came out though.  About 4:00 every afternoon they walk up to the fence and hang out until they get fed.  I was very glad that I remembered to open a small corner of the bag before I got out there.  Those feed sacks are heavy and sometimes hard to open with one hand while trying to balance it on my shoulder with the other.  And better hurry, Number 13 gets kind of pushy sometimes.  She’s a good one though and let’s me pet her all over before I go.  Just a little added bonus for having to walk through the mud.

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